All is connected in the ever-expanding Mandala.
Vibrating with Wild deep Sounds.
With Eagle's wings soft with thunderous touch.
Eyes sharp as blades of crystal water.
Reaching from distant flames of consciousness.
Dancing delicately deliberately passionately.
Enlightening all Hearts.
Speaking in Dragon tongues folded secret in every woman's womb.
Singing in colours of light and darkness. 
All resounding In-Love.

Welcome and thank you for visiting. My name is Elizabeth Rudwick. 

I am an accredited Healer with The British Alliance of Healing Associations. I work with groups and 1:1 in person and remotely. 

There is a phrase in the Shamanic World 'Hollow Bone' describing the work of a Healer which I deeply resonate with.
This speaks of being egoless connected with Ancient Spirit.
Being a pure channel for Healing.

As I walk alongside others actualising Heaven on this beautiful Earth.
It is an honour to be of Service and assist others who are courageously moving into Divine Beingness and Creativity of Spirit.

I have explored a diverse range of Healing approaches and Spiritual Paths that make up the Divine Tapestry.
I work with Sound through channelling Light Language - and a range of Musical Healing Instruments including the Sedna Gong.  

I am called by Spirit to Sacred Places in the Land to continue my journey
Of exploration learning and Healing with Gaia and all her children
In collaboration with a range of Multi-Dimensional Guides and Teachers.
I have had many homes the closest to my heart being the Lemurian Light City of Telos and the Faery Realm.

All images photos and words poems are by Elizabeth Rudwick

Ancient Spirit