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My name is Elizabeth Rudwick. I am based in Islington London.

Since a child I was connected to Spirit and had past life memories of being a Healer. As is the story of many Healers I have been gifted with a wide range of experience and tools to assist with people's Healing journeys. I have always had natural ability to journey to multi-dimensions in Dream and Awake states and inherent awareness of Earth's Soul and Light Beings connected to her.​ During my teenage years I was shown a glimpse of Heavenly Spirit where I realised that I was truly blessed as all is Divine and I had a chosen path as a LightWorker. I am a Blue Ray Guardian of Gaia, Daughter of Telos supporting others to Awaken to their Soul Calling..

I have spent 30 years exploring with a variety of Healing Therapies Teachings and Spiritual Paths enabling me to access the diverse Spiritual Tapestry that is the Divine, deepening my knowledge and skills. 

I continue to hear the call from my Soul to learn from Spirit through Quests to the Northern lands of the Arctic, Orkney Islands, Wales, the West Country, Ireland and the Outer Hebrides. Through these Quests I am shown places of Spiritual Power and importance some known and not so known ~ Rainbow Bridges to Earth's Spiritual Web and Cosmic Multi-dimensions where I meet High Vibration Beings Guides and Divine Ones who assisted me in Healing and Ascension work, who continue to be part of my Healing Team. 

Since 2000 I have taught Spiritual Self-Developmental classes, held Ceremonies retreats and workshops in England and USA. 

I am an accredited Healer with The School of Intuition and Healing.


​Blog: elizabethrudwick.blogspot.co.uk 


​Irish Blessing

May Love and Laugher Light your days

And Warm your Heart and Home

May good and Faithful friends be yours

Wherever you may roam

May Peace and Plenty Bless your World

With Joy that Long Endures

May all Life's passing Seasons

Bring the best to you and yours

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