Elizabeth Rudwick
Interstellar Shaman~ Artist of  Sacred Vision & Sound   




​​Holy Grail Temple of Light Life Fountain of Love

All is connected in the ever-expanding Mandala.
Vibrating with Wild deep Sounds.
With Eagle's wings soft with thunderous touch.
Eyes sharp as blades of crystal water.
Reaching from distant flames of consciousness.
Dancing delicately deliberately passionately.
Enlightening all Hearts.
Speaking in Dragon tongues folded secret in every woman's womb.
Singing in colours of light and darkness. 
All resounding In-Love.




All  Sounding Words Images Poems are by Elizabeth Rudwick


​​ Welcome and thank you for visiting. My name is Elizabeth Rudwick. 

I am an accredited Healer with The British Alliance of Healing Associations. I work with groups and 1:1 in person and remotely. 

There is a phrase in the Shamanic World 'Hollow Bone' describing the work of a Healer which I deeply resonate with.
This speaks of being egoless connected with Ancient Spirit.
Being a pure channel for Healing.

As I walk alongside others actualising Heaven on this beautiful Earth.
It is an absolute Joy and honour to be of Service and assist others who are courageously moving into Divine Beingness and Creativity of Spirit.

I have explored a diverse range of Healing approaches and Spiritual Paths that make up the Divine Tapestry.
I work with Sound through channelling Light Language - and a range of Musical Healing Instruments including the Sedna Gong.  

I am called by Spirit to Sacred Places in the Land to continue my journey
Of exploration learning and Healing with Gaia and all her children
In collaboration with a range of Multi-Dimensional Guides and Teachers.
I have had many homes the closest to my heart being the Lemurian Light City of Telos and the Faery Realm.


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​"Wow Elizabeth is an amazing authentic soul. I love love love my Gong bath Light Language experiences 

​each one is unique and different in its own way. I go into the deepest states of transcendental relaxation

during the sessions. My journey is always profound. Thank you Elizabeth for being in my corner of the Universe.

​I feel very blessed to know Elizabeth and experience her special gifts'' Caroline

"Elizabeth is an immensely naturally gifted Healer who has focused her whole life helping others to heal and progress on their

journey as smoothly and lovingly as possible. Elizabeth holds a very beautiful, nurturing and gentle energy ​which is also powerful.

I cannot recommend Elizabeth highly enough'' Sangeeta.

"Elizabeth is a wonderful Healer. Authentic and Heart Centred. She creates space confidently

and generously. Highly Recommended." A.O 

"I was called to Elizabeth's Gong bath and was absolutely blown away it was 'out of this world' experience expansive

​authentic and I was struck by Elizabeth's presence powerful, connected humble, wise, compassionate and embodying a 'high vibe'.

Shortly after I started to work 1:1 where I woke up to my Star Seed origins and my worldview has expanded in a few months

​of working with her more than it has in 20 years of studying and practicing Buddhism. She is deeply invested in developing the clients

own understanding and self-mastery, rather than becoming dependent on external help and is serving the Ascension process in her own

unique and expansive way'' Elena.

"Amazing use of sound and visualisation to facilitate Healing. I had a powerful journey'' Melanie

''Fabulous. It was truly relaxing and I felt the energies vibrate healing'' Saundra.

''I first met Elizabeth when i joined her Women's drumming circle over a year ago and it was in those circles that ignited 

something deep within myself and felt a calling to work with her. Elizabeth has played such a pivotal role in facilitating my 

healing/Ascension journey that my heart feels full again and I am now able to SEE who I really am and WHY I am here.

Elizabeth creates such a safe, sacred space for her gifts to come through each session divinely guided. I am most grateful

to each experience and if you have the opportunity to work with her, it will be a beautiful journey'' Lauren

''A very special Healing experience. Powerful. Words are inadequate'' Mandy

''Lovely Healing. Elizabeth is a very talented Sound Healer and Channeller'' Veronique

''Elizabeth is a wonderful intuitive Healer. Her calm focused energy quickly connected with a deeper energy helping reduce my chronic pain.

​She created a safe space to explore healing dimensions. I would highly recommend Elizabeth.'' Lyn 

"Elizabeth's session was absolutely amazing with powerful Healing properties. Grounding and purifying'' Renata

" Elizabeth is an open hearted caring healer. The way Elizabeth uses sound is something I have never experienced before and it has a

profound affect on me, I could feel my vibration shifting while I lay surrendering to the sounds shifts the different tones had. I have been working

on my heart chakra for two years and still getting some pain, the next day I woke up with a clear heart than ever before and my chi was

flowing so much more powerfully. Elizabeth is fun, loving and gentle and I am grateful for the shift caused by my time with her'' Vanessa

 "Beautiful relaxing and Sacred'' Megan 

''Great work delivered with humility, heart and tremendous voice and singing'' Pablo 

"Elizabeth is a natural healer: I can feel that her gifts have stayed with her through all lifetimes and timelines

and only strengthen. I journeyed with her in my mind and in my heart to landscapes of Scotland Norway Iceland and beyond

and I could feel the wind and hear the sea and smell the land. I could sense the spirits of the ancients who guided her voice and song to heal.

I knew that something was shifting for me on such a deep level I could only feel joy and an all encompassing Love and Oneness." Nicola

Ancient Spirit